Every day, I devotedly try to show my customers that what has been invisible to them until now – to sharpen outlines, highlight colours, zoom what is beautiful and dismiss that what is worth to look from a distance.

I am an optician and I’ve been doing my job with a great passion for twenty years. I know how precious is our sight and how important is to protect it properly. The quality of our everyday life highly depends on our sight.

In my daily work I advise my customers which eyeglass frames will be the most suitable for them in terms of visual, aesthetic and technical level. I match glasses and contact lenses. Each and every one of us is individual and needs something else. My experience taught me that the most expensive product is not always the best solution. Therefore, with engagement and diligence I try to understand the needs of all my customers.

  • At our optician’s you can find a wide selection of frames, eyeglasses and safe contact lenses.
  • You can get help from our ophthalmologist or refractionist, leave your glasses to repair or fill a prescription. .
  • If necessary, we arrive to our customers and help them to choose glasses at their home.

Katarzyna Wypych

Optician and Refractionist