contactlens-smallDo you wear corrective glasses? Do you live very intensively? Do you like doing sports? Do you want to do different things without limits?

There are situations in our lives when glasses simply disturb us. We would like to take them off, feel free. The ideal solution in such situations are contact lenses.

Practical information about lenses and answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) can be found’


We provide:

  • great selection of contact lenses,
  • ­practise how to put lenses on and take them off,
  • ­information about care and hygiene associated with wearing lenses
  • ­­selling of contact lenses
  • ­selling fluids and drops useful for take care of them.

At WYPYCH OPTICIAN’S you can buy following types of lenses:

  • bandage contact lenses (made-to-order)
  • colourful
  • daily-wear (DW) and continuous-wear (CW) corrective lenses:
    • short-sightedness (myopia)
    • long-sightedness (hyperopia)
    • astigmatism
    • presbyopia (multifocal contact lenses)

We offer products of the leading brands, including: